Sometimes You
Just Got to Vent


In April 2023, mechanical engineer, inventor, long time homeowner, and do-it-yourselfer Brad Griffin smelled a rat…

…or at least some critter that had crawled under his house and worn out its welcome. When investigating his crawl space for the source of the smell, he found nothing. What he did find was irreparable damage to his existing slider-style crawl space vents where whatever it was had tried to escape. The vent screens were ripped off the inside and shredded. The vents had to remain closed to keep other pests out until replacement vents could be found.

In times past, Brad had tried replacement crawl space vents from mass retailers with poor results. He found that they didn’t stay in and didn’t seal well in winter. Ones with “automatic” temperature-controlled dampers worked short term until dirt, cobwebs, and corrosion jammed the louvers halfway open. There had to be a better solution.

After a long search online, Brad came across the website for the Ultra CSV Crawl Space Vent. He called the number and the inventor answered the phone. He was 78 years of age, and unfortunately the product had been retired. Brad and the inventor spoke for almost 45 minutes about all kinds of things, from crawl space vents to life in general.

The inventor, a brilliant handyman and crawl space expert, had spent years struggling with the same issues. He had a God-given idea for a new vent design that would provide significantly better airflow, aid in the reduction of moisture, retain heat better in the winter, and be serviced and even insulated, if desired, from outside the home. After nearly five years in development, his pursuit led him to develop and patent the Ultra CSV Crawl Space Vent.

Brad flew up from North Carolina to visit the inventor and understand the product firsthand. By June 2023, Brad had started a business to continue manufacturing and distributing the product that he knew must live on. Brad realized there was no other replacement crawl space vent solution like Ultra CSV, and he wanted them for his own home. After working 35 years in product development, Brad had the tools he needed to keep the product going, and perhaps even make it better in small ways.

Brad and his family at Griff Invent, LLC are thrilled to have the opportunity to keep such a product available for customers who are looking for the best value and design in a replacement crawl space vent or a vent for new construction, whether to improve air circulation or assist with complete crawl space encapsulation.

Brad cares deeply about value, creativity, ingenuity, and delivering a product that exceeds customer expectations. He has the product back for sale with production building in 2024. Watch for additions and accessories coming soon to the Ultra CSV product line. Brad will use profits from Ultra CSV sales to improve the product and do good things far outside of his crawl space.

Installation Video